Lake Bolboci

This river flows into the rivers Blana, Nucet (both on the left side), Bolboci and Plaiul Mircii (on the right side). In the heart of the Bucegi mountain range, far far away from the hustle and bustle of the city hides this oasis of peace and quiet.
Visiting this beautiful place is free of charge! Near the lake you can find other special tourist attractions such as Cheile Tatarului, Cheile Zaranoagei, Pestera (pestera means cave) Ialomitei, Pestera Mica, Cheile Orzei and Padina. Goes without saying that these astonishingly beautiful places are definitely worth a visit!
The lake changes it’s color at every moment of each day, thus creating a spectacle of colors, vibrations and lights. That said, you will be able to disconnect from everyday worries and you will get lost in a state of a dream-like experience, in a blink of an eye. Only serenity, rock formations covered in fir forests and the shine of the blue sky will accompany you throughout this beautiful journey through nature.
Because the beauty of this place will just not let you leave so easily, find out that it’s possible to spend some more quality time in nature’s embrace by spending the night in a specially built camping area, on the lake’s shore. If however, you did not come prepared or the idea of a nocturnal visit from a grumpy bear unsettles you, there is still a place you can opt to go to called “Bolboci Cabin” (built in 1928), also located on the shore of the lake. Up until 1971, this cabin was open only during summer time as it did not have a stove and was not isolated enough to protect people from the cold during the harsh Romanian winters. Bolboci Cabin is at a distance of 8 km from Sinaia and 10 km (roughy 2 hour walk) from Ialomita Cave.
Another attraction of Bolboci Lake is the annual celebration of it called “Bolboci Lake Day”, event that takes place in August which itself provides an opportunity to admire local customs, traditional costumes, listen to local legends and, if you feel up for it, participate in the sports competitions organized on this occasion.
To access Bolboci Lake is rather easy. It can be reached by traveling on DN71 (a road that links Targoviste and Moreni) or if you’re coming from Sinaia you will take the road DJ713. So cheer up and head to Bolboci Lake!
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