Operational Leasing

Do you want a modern solution for financing and operating your car fleet?
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You don’t own a car fleet and you don’t want to deal with maintenance costs that come with it? Just focus on business.
 Let us take care of the acquisition and management of the fleet of cars you wish to use for your business.

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The operational leasing service offered by MERIDIAN Enterprise proposes companies a form of financing the predetermined use of a vehicle and an agreed turnover, in exchange for a leading rate that includes the rent for the respective property, together with its administration costs, depending on the employed services.

Full set of benefits for Operational Leasing from MERIDIAN Rent A Car

  • We offer financing solutions for any new car models available in the network of authorized dealers.
  • All commercial vehicle models <3.5 t available in the network of authorized dealers.
  • Improved financial indicators - the car will not be registered as a fixed asset in your company’s accounting;
  • Accurate budgeting - a fixed monthly fee saves you from unpleasant surprises or high costs;
  • No risk of car depreciation - the risk of car depreciation will be supported entirely by us, you focus on business;
  • The rental is made for a certain, predetermined period of time.
Product characteristics


  • Between 12 and 57 months
  • Agreed upon milage, depending on the client’s necessities 
  • Zero down-payment 
  • Fixed monthly rate, predictable
  • No worries in terms of residual value
Included services
  • Vehicle registration, payment of all the taxes, vignette ;
  • Full service maintenance, with original parts, in the authorized network ;
  • Tyre management: seasonal tyre change, wheel balancing ;
  • CASCO and RCA insurance ;
  • 24/7 roadside assistance, valid in Romania ;
  • Vehicle replacement from the same car class ;
  • GPS fleet monitoring.
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