Cars and the environment.

The term of “style” refers to a distinctive way of manifestation specific to a country, a community or an individual or a specific way one expresses his/her self artistically. Also, it could refer at the same time to the presentation of reality in certain domains, in different time periods.
Initially, the term was used to refer to art: painters have their painting style, writers have their on linguistic style, composers have their own compositional style, musicians have their own musical style, singers have their own singing style and so on. Artistic styles are analyzed and classified into stylistics, a discipline in art’s history.
In a broader sense, “style” includes general everyday phenomena, such as the way people dress, the accessories they choose to wear and/or the way they care for their hairstyle.
The word “style” originated from latin, “stylus”- a word used to describe a writing tool. And hence the meaning of the word and the connection between the writing instrument and the “writing technique” / “writing style”.
Today, everything that is new and fashionable is causing a great stir among people.
Everyone wants to be the first, to stand out, to be unique, to be stylish. With that said, Hybrid cars have been introduced into society, first of all by celebrities, artist who have tried to bring awareness about the effects of pollution on the environment. That’s why automakers are constantly looking for solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and in the same time drastically reduce fuel consumption.
There are three types of green cars on the market today:
-Based on biofuel - which use LPG, biogas, hydrogen and other, less polluting substances than gasoline and diesel.
-Hybrid - which combines traditional fuel-based engines with electricity.
-Full electric- which as the name suggests use a full electric engine.