MERIDIAN RENT A CAR is at your disposal for information regarding the rent a car process. We also advice you, to go through the FAQ list below, where you will find relevant information about our services and advantages you will benefit from when  renting one of our cars.

What papers do I need in order to get the car I want to rent? 

When you will call our agent, you must prove that you fulfill the mandatory criteria that allow you to rent a car (be aged at least 21, have a driving license for more than one year)


Where can I pick up my car from? 

In the case you made an online booking, we will send you a confirmation email with all the details concerning the car you booked as well as the place you can pick it up from. In case you made a reservation via telephone, you will also receive all the details, along with the contact information of one of our rental counselors.


What should I do if I don't receive the confirmation email from MERIDIAN RENT A CAR?

In case you didn't receive our confirmation e-mail, please also verify your spam/ trash folders. In case you didn't find the confirmation e-mail in these folders, please contact us by telephone. We will save time if you could give us the order's registration number during our telephone conversation.  


How can I make the payment?

The payment will be made in LEI at the moment of signing the rental contract. You can pay by cash, PO or debit or credit card, online or at the pay-desk. We accept the  Visa, Visa Electron, Matercard or Maestro cards only in LEI. 


Can I get discounts?

Yes. For more details about our current discounts please visit our page "promotions" or contact our rentals counselors. Current discounts are calculated and applied automatically on completion of booking.


What type of driving license do I need so as to be able to rent a car from your company? 

All car drivers should have an available Driving License. Any other interlocutory paper is not accepted. The driving license must be at least one year old and must be valid during all the contractual period. 


Are there any limits concerning the kilometers covered with a car form MERIDIAN RENT A CAR

The minimum rental period is 1 day, with the mileage limit of 50 km / day. For 2 consecutive day rentals, the mileage limit is 125 km for the entire rental period. For 3 consecutive day rentals, the mileage limit is 350 km for the entire rental period. If the limit of kilometers is exceeded the tax is 0,1 euros + VAT/ kilometer for each kilometer that is exceeded. For rents longer than 4 days, the mileage limit is not applicable. Except for Class C cars, where the mileage limit is detailed on the "promotions" page.


Can I extend the rental period?

Yes, you can, but only with our company's agreement, which will evaluate the extra-cost at the end, as well as the eventual extra options.


Can MERIDIAN RENT A CAR refuse to rent me a car? 

We will not give you a car for rent if you cannot present your driving license and identity card in original at the moment of receiving the car.


Can the car be driven by two different persons? 

Yes, there are no extra-charges for a second driver. However, his/her name and personal data must be written in the rental contract. The second driver has the same duties as the first driver. 


What shall I do in case of a car accident or breakdown? 

In case of mechanical difficulties or accident, immediately contact MERIDIAN RENT A CAR - contact details are available on the lease or on www.meridianrentacar.ro - and our counselors will provide for you the necessary information, depending on the situation . Youc an be given and exchange car in case of a malfunction that cannot be repaired on the spot. You also need to inform the police about any accident involving personal injury or damage to the car, and get a police report signed. You should get all the information regarding the third party involved in the event


Under what circumstances won't I be returned the warranty? 

Considering the type of car you have chosen to rent, you will be asked to pay a warranty between 250 – 700 Euro. The warranty will be returned in full, if the car is returned in the same condition in which it was delivered, along with all the accessories and equipment. From the warranty, different sums of money can be retained to fix damages or if at the return of the car there are missing accessories or other optionals or if the vehicle is returned damaged and the damage was the fault of the user.


Where can I leave the car at the end of the rental period? 

The return location of the car is established at the moment of receiving the car, but can be changed with the agreement of the rental counselor for. The car can be returned to Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest or  MERIDIAN RENT A CAR location: MERIDIAN SOUTH.

Upon completion of a reservation, depending on the date, time and place of pick-up and delivery, car delivery charges may apply. These fees are displayed on the site and are automatically added to the total amount calculated by our site. If you wish to change your pickup or surrender location after booking confirmation, additional costs may occur. For additional information, please contact a rental agent.


MERIDIAN RENT A CAR can deliver your car at any moment, day or night?

We deliver and take non-stop cars even at/from Otopeni Airport (Henri Coanda).


After filling and sending the online reservation from, is it considered that the car reservation is made?

The proper car reservation is considered done after validating the data that has been filled online by providing an electronic copy of the ID card and driving license.

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