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Posted on: 2015-12-21 14:05:33

Mud Volcanoes in Buzau county, represents some miniature craters, formed by gas that rises more than 3000m depth,contact with groundwater and soil from the surface to form small clay cones which expel a fluid paste gray.

They cover an area of about 28 hectares and represents a unique phenomenon in Romania and quite rare even worldwide.

If you go to see them, you'll be impressed by the landscape that it offers, special plants that have adapted to salinity around, and if you approach such a mud volcano that you can hear bubbling from below.Area Paclele Mari - Paclele Mici where you'll find mud volcanoes was declared a natural monument since 1924.Mud Volcanoes from Buzau area are not unique in Romania. May you find near Ocna Sibiului, Homorod, Bazna the hills of Transilvania, and in some hilly areas of Moldova.

What you see if you get to the mud volcanoes?


After you managed to get here in the mud volcano, you are surprised by an unusual sensation.You'll feel like you're on another planet.When it's cloudy million plateau with deep cracks and streams separated by increases creates a lunar image.In the morning, when the sun rises, you think you are in the Sahara dried mud that turns from green to yellow immediately.All around barren land view, flooded with mud and covered with a thick layer of mud hardened, cracked, cratered from place to place, from bubbling, strangely cold mud.It is actually a mixture of sandstone, quartzite, clay, limestone and traces of oil, natural gas drilled from below coming from more than 3,000 meters deep, passing through a clay soil and combines with water from groundwater.Sludge formed at the surface and leaving them in those places, dry in contact with air to form cone-like structures some volcanoes. And it's cool because it comes from layers of clay.If you want to explore not only the volcanoes have their charm. If you go away from them'll be surprised by an explosion of wildlife green, lilac bushes enormous, flowers, young and old trees, bushes that grow near the ground cracked and hostile.Inside the reserve forest Mud Volcanoes are a small bat that is as beautiful and interesting as volcanoes themselves.Also on this land live two rare plants: nitration Schober and Obion.These plants grow only in a salty environment, having also need salt for food.It is the only place in Europe where these plants grow, their protection by law is one of the reasons why the Paclele Mici was declared a nature reserve.Around the world, similar phenomena can be seen only in Siberia, Australia and the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Known world total of 1,100 mud volcanoes, more there in big, such as mud volcanoes example of Norwegian waters, the Caspian Sea and Barents.


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