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Posted on: 2015-12-02 14:34:20

Pack your bags because MERIDIAN RENT A CAR is sending you to a special location, the Turda Salt Mine. It is a famous historical monument of the city of Turda. It is located in the Durgau area, namely the Salt Valley in Turda. It was formed as a result of exploitation of salt deposits, and since 1992, when work was ceased there, it has been open for touristic and curative purposes only. Access to the salt mine is currently reached through the entry located in the touristic centre Salina-Durgau (Durgau Alley, No. 7).

It is regarded as one of the most beautiful places from the deep. In 2010, after some renovations made with European funds, the salt mine became a wellness center with treatment and recovery rooms, as well as a sports center (bowling, table tennis, miniature golf and pool can be played here), with a pier and a church.

There are 5 mines available: Rudolf, Joseph, Theresa, Anton and Ghizela. Entry to the Rudolf mine is reached through a panoramic elevator (with glass walls that offer tourists an overview of the entire area of the mine) or you can choose to descend the 172 steps. Because the mine is beautifully lit, the salt stalactites formed on the northwest ceiling can very well be seen when riding the ferris wheel available in the mine (it has 5 gondolas). The mine hosts an amphitheater with a capacity of 80 seats for concerts and musical auditions, and areas meant for relaxing, including a golf course, a sports field, specially-arranged spaces for children and pool tables.

The Theresa Mine draws attention through its bell-like shape but also through a "salt waterfall", an underground lake, stalactites, as well as salt efflorescences. In the mine Gizela, a room named “Stationar” is set up as a spa treatment room, with natural aerosols.

Other landmarks you can take into consideration on your way to the Turda Salt Mine's surface are the Echoes room located in the Joseph mine, that has acoustic and visual effects, the sound reverberation reaching up to 16 echoes; The Crivac room where the oldest salt extraction machine lies; The Staircase of the Wealthy and the Franz Joseph Gallery which has a length of 917 m.

The Turda Salt Mine has become an European tourist attraction. It is visited annually by thousands of tourists. You can be one of the visitors! Choose a car at MERIDIAN RENT A CAR, book it on www.meridianrentacar.ro and you are ready to discover the Turda Salt Mine, the place where the past and the present intertwine!

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