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Posted on: 2015-11-17 16:21:37

Situated at a 50-kilometer distance from Buzau and 159 from Bucharest, the Meledic Plateau is a mixed natural reservation (presenting geological, speleological, botanical and zoological characteristics), though not yet very popular among tourists. Set on a salt mountain in the Vrancei Subcarpathians, at an altitude of 600 meters, the Plateau is delimited by the Slanic river at the south, the Jgheab river at the east, the Meledic river at the north and the Paraul Sarat stream at the west and belongs to the administrative territory of Lopatari and Manzalesti.  

The most significant landmarks of the Meledic Plateau are the Bottomless Lake and the 6S Manzalesti Cave. A unique phenomenon in both Romania and Europe, the Bottomless Lake is a freshwater lake on a salt mountain, with a maximum depth of 5.4 meters. The story is a mixture of history and legend, its name purportedly stemming from an event that happened in late 1800. It is said that a wagon filled with barrels of mineral water crashed into the lake, but the rumor that the barrels were in fact full of riches started immediately. Over time, there have been various attempts at finding the treasure, one being the unsuccessful drying up of the lake, which resulted in the lake taking up the name that we know today. There is a total of 6 freshwater lakes on the plateau, the most representative being the Bottomless Lake and the Castle Lake.  

Another touristic attraction is the salt cave. Recognized as the longest salt cave in Europe (1220 meters) and the second in the world (after Malham Cave in Israel, 3100 meters), the 6S Cave distinguishes itself through the variously colored stalactites that can be found here, from yellow, red and white to gray or brown. Unfortunately, the cave entrance got blocked several years ago as a result of a landslide. There are a number of small caves on the plateau (31 in total) that cannot be explored because of the collapsed entrance area. 

There are numerous other sights worth visiting in the surroundings of the Plateau, the most important being:

  • The wooden statues on the Meledic Plateau – 25 in total, appeared in the area after a sculpture camp that took place here in 2001

  • The Sphinx of Bustea – a 6-meter tall rock in the shape of a human head, located on one of the slopes of Breazau Mountain

  • The Living Fire of Lopatari – unprecedented natural phenomenon

  • The white stone “La Grunj” - natural pyramid-shaped monument made of white marl and located at the exit from Manzalesti

  • Gavanu Monastery – dating from 1707, it has a golden iconostatis brought from Sankt Petersburg

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