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Posted on: 2015-10-26 15:38:57

For those who love mysteries and the spectacle of nature, we would like to present a very special place from Romania. This place is Tatarului Gorge natural reserve, a law protected area which lies in the upper basin of the river Ialomita, in the area located between Bolboci Lake and Padina Plateau.

With a length of about one kilometer, the area stands out through spectacular natural surroundings and unusual rock formations created by Ialomita, but also through outstanding and breathtaking views.

The name of the area takes after the beautiful, enchanting nature that exists here.

Legends have it that a long time ago, the Golden Horde tatars arrived in the area, attracted by its wealth and natural beauty. They would pillage and plunder everywhere they went, lock their fortunes in heavily-bolted rooms and keep the keys with them so as not to be robbed while away. However, when they arrived in the area known today as Tatarului Gorge, they

were completely charmed by the nature and spectacular formations and thus gave up on their desire to plunder.

Finally, when they decided to leave to inform their families of this wondrous place, while still spellbound, lost the keys of their hidden and arduously protected treasures. Therefore, legend has it that the lost keys of the tatars that harbour unseen wonders, are still here.

The main tourist attractions in the area include:

  • Zanoagei Gorge

  • Scroposa Lake

  • Orzei Gorge

  • Pestera Ialomitei Monastery

  • the Bear Cave

  • the Small Cave

Apart from all this, the area distinguishes itself through a flora and fauna that manage to delight at every turn.

Thus, if we have managed to pique your interest, just know that MERIDIAN RENT A CAR is at your disposal with a car ready to take you to Tatarului Gorge where you can discover its wonderful mysteries and charm.

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