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Posted on: 2019-01-23 11:43:04

Sighisoara is a medieval town founded in the 13th century, located in the heart of Transylvania, in Mures County, close to the intersection of four major counties: Harghita, Mures, Sibiu and Brasov. It has about 32,000 inhabitants, but during the medieval festival that takes place in late July, the number of population doubles because of tourists who arrive on an annual basis.

During the three days in which the medieval festival takes place in Citadel Square, tourists enjoy theater, animation, various activities supported by craftsmen and medieval artists, all of which have the medieval music specific to the city.

The medieval square includes the list of tourist attractions of the Medieval Fortress, originally formed from 14 towers belonging to handicraft guilds, but today only 9 of them are preserved. Among the tourist attractions in the centre of the market are: Clock Tower, Blacksmiths Tower, Shoe Tower, Tombs Tower, Butcher Tower, Peacock Tower, Mower Tower, Tabacari Tower, Dominican Monastery Church and Curch Hill.

The symbol of Sighisoara and one of the most important tourist attractions is the Clock Tower, visible from anywhere in the city. It has a height of 64 meters, being built since the 14th century, its main role being to protect the main gate of the fortress, holding four other secondary towers. At the same time, the Clock Tower is the only tower that did not belong to a guild.

The Clock Tower legend begins in 1648, the year of building the clock in Switzerland, decorated with 7 figurines of lime wood, this number symbolizing the days of the week. The Sighisoara states that the clock never leaves behind and that the 7 figures change from day to day, each symbolizing a day of the week.

The Clock Tower features the most beautiful panoramic views of Sighisoara.

For those who want to live the contemporary times in a medieval world, Sighisoara is guaranteed the most suitable tourist destination.

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