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Posted on: 2018-10-29 14:02:46

Located in the Mehedinti Plateau, the Karst Complex from Ponoarele has the status of a natural protected area since 2000. The complex consists of the natural bridge called "God's Bridge", Ponoarele Cave, the Great Zaton and the Little Zaton Karst Lakes, as well as the Field of lapies. In the South of the karst complex, tourists can admire another dream place, namely the Lilac Forest. Every year, in May, the Lilac Festival is organized here.

"God's Bridge" is a natural stone bridge that has formed by the collapse of a cave's ceiling. Being the only natural bridge in the world open to road traffic, the "God's Bridge" is certainly a miracle of nature.

There are several legends about the "God's Bridge", but the most well-known legend says that people who lived in that area prayed to God to escape them from the Devil who lived in the cave. God listened their prayers and collapsed the cave's ceiling in order to drive the Devil away, but he managed to escape using the other entrance of the cave. It is said that while he was running away, the Devil scratched the earth with his claws, and so the Field of lapies was born.

Another attraction for those who visit the karst complex, but especially for speleologists, is Ponoarele Cave, which has galleries measuring more than 600 meters.

The landscape is complemented by the two karst lakes, the Great Zaton and the Little Zaton, which increase their volume during the spring, due to the richer rainfall and the melting of the snow.

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