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Posted on: 2018-08-27 12:31:58

The Fagaras Citadel, located in Fagaras municipality in Brasov County, is one of the most important medieval tourist attractions from our country. The fortress, whose construction began in the fourteenth century and continued until the seventeenth century, served as an edifice with a strategic role in defending the South-Eastern region of Transylvania from Ottoman and Tatar attacks.

The history of the fortress is related to important names of national history, one example being voivode Mihai Viteazul. It is known that in 1599 he occupied the fortress and later he offered it as a gift for his wife, Mrs. Stanca. Thus the ruler's family lived in the fortress, and the royal treasury was also preserved in the walls of the citadel.

History lovers can visit the Museum of Fagaras Country "Valer Literat", which is located in the citadel. The collection of torture objects and weapons will surely rouse the interest of visitors. Moreover, the museum also houses objects used at balls that were held four times a year in the citadel, balls that were organized by Mrs. Stanca herself.

On Saturdays and Sundays starting with 11:00 A.M. takes place the changing guard event, an event that will carry tourists in a special medieval atmosphere. Visitors can also admire the beautiful swans of the fortress's lake, which was used in the Middle Ages as a defense ditch.

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