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Posted on: 2018-08-20 14:48:07

The Vidraru Dam was built on the Arges River, in the county with the same name. The dam was built to create Lake Vidraru, a reservoir lake, needed to produce electricity.

The Vidraru Dam was built in five years, finishing 8th in Europe and 20th in the world, for its height of about 166m. It is also the first spring-shaped dam in the country and the first dam built in Romania.

On Mountain Pleasa, around Vidraru Dam is The Statue of Prometheus or the Monument of Electricity, the work of the sculptor Constantin Popovici in 1965. The statue represents Prometheus (a character in Greek mythology) that holds a lightning in his hand, the symbol of electricity. Prometheus was considered in Greek mythology as a benefactor, after he gave the fire to humans without the will of the gods.

The Statue of Prometheus and the Vidraru Dam are among the most spectacular tourist attractions in Muntenia.

Also at Vidraru Dam is the highest launch track for extreme sport, bungee jumping. During the summer, lovers of this sport can jump from 166m using the elastic cord.

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