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Posted on: 2018-05-23 11:28:56

Sovata, Pearl of Mures County, is a resort situated in the heart of Transylvania. It is localized in the Praid-Sovata Depression, 60 km away from Targu Mures, on the Tarnava Mica river.

Located on the map of spa resorts in Europe in 1850, Sovata quickly became an ideal holiday and treatment destination due to chloriene and sodium waters, which possess therapeutic properties. The resort become known through professor Hatieganu , from Cluj, who reported for the first time the benefits of salty water of Ursu Lake and the sludge of Sovata, about 100 years ago.

The attractiviness of the resort is based on salt water lakes such as: Black Lake, Alunis Lake, Ursu Lake, Serpilor Lake, Mierlei Lake.

Ursu Lake, known as the world's largest heliotherm lake, it covers an area of four hectares and has a water depth of 18 metres. Its name comes from the shape it has, like a bear fur. The lake formed in 1875, by the collapse of a salt exploitation, which has subsequently filled with water from the rivers that descend from the nearby slopes. One thing less known is that Ursu Lake holds three world records:

  • the largest heliotherm lake in the world

  • the only natural lake in the world that it is known the exact date when it was formed

  • the only natural lake with salt water surrounded by the rich vegetation

Heliothermy is the phenomenon by which the temperature of water varies depending on the acumulation of solar warmth in salt water, hot water being protected by an isolator layer of fresh water, from streams which does not mix with the salty water and it keeps the warm water to the surface.

Thus, the lake temparatures varies between 10-20°C on the surface and can reach up to 40-60°C at a deepness of 1,5 metres.

Sovata is a suitable resort for all ages, as tourists who choose this destination have various possibilities of spending the time, regardless of the season:

  • they can swim in one of the five salty lakes

  • they can walk in the natural reserve Ursu Lake (one of its main objectives is the Salt Mountain)

  • they may choose anti-rheumatic treatments

  • in the winter season they can ski

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